A simple way to write and build your documentation.


Draft is a great tool for every programmer, writing documentation is not exactly the most fun part of programming, neither is designing a website for it or organizing it.

With Draft you'll be able to write your documentation on either HTML or Markdown, the webpage will be created automatically and you won't have to worry about it leaving you all the time to write te best documentation you can!

This is an Open Source project released under the MIT License, you can find the code and contribute in GitHub!


To start creating your documentation, download the latest version of Draft from GitHub.


Writing your documentation is very easy and you can do it either on HTML or Markdown.

When downloading Draft, you'll notice there's a docs directory, this is where all your documents should be in. Any new directory you place in there will become a new section. There's already a Examples directory so you can see how it works.


Fill the Meta Tags, inside the index.php file there are a lot of meta tags, sure you could delete them... or you could fill them and make your documentation very shareable.

Once you're done just upload the files to your server, if you're using Aegis Framework you can also link the used scripts and styles instead of uploading them again and take advantage of the router.